Please read our FAQ sheet on school bus transportation to learn more about the safety measures relating to bussing.

You can also watch this video on school bus safety. Also, We invite you if you are in the Edmonton area to attend the school bus safety program First Riders, offered every year in August at Northlands.

Code of conduct on a yellow school bus

1- Never eat or drink while in the bus.
2- Board the bus calmly. Use the handrail when boarding and disembarking the bus.
3- Take your seat immediately.
Sit properly and remain seated facing the front at all times.
4- Always remain seated while the bus is in motion.
5- Windows are only for looking outside,
never stick or throw anything out the window.
Never put an arm, a leg or your head out of a window.
6- Speak in a calm and quiet voice to avoid distracting the driver and other students.
Make the least amount of noise as possible.
7- Use only respectful and polite language at all times.
8- Keep your hands to yourself - never push or shove other riders.
9- Obey the driver at all times and cooperate immediately.
10- Always respect others and their belongings.
11- Keep your personal objects for yourself - never throw anything in the bus.
12- No sales or/and solicitations on the bus will be tolerated.
13- Respect the rules at all times.


Please consult the school bus safety guidelines by clicking here to review with your child how to cross the street when the bus doesn't use its red flashing lights in large urban centers, or when the bus uses the red flashing lights in rural areas or small towns and cities.

Red flashing lights on a school bus, what should I do?

Please note that in Alberta the red flashing lights are used in rural environments and only in certain urbain centers. You should follow the instructions in this whenever you see a school bus with its red lights flashing.
Lien version en anglais: STAA pop quiz - Red flashing lights.